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Story of Vritrasura

As for each the historic literatures and as contained in Shrimad Bhagwat as well as other religious publications, there was once a 'Prajapati' named Tvashta, who had a devout and pious son named Vishwarupa. Vishwarupa, blessed with 3 heads, was a sage getting immense spiritual strengths, which evoked a perception of insecurity and fear inside the thoughts of Lord Indra, the king with the Inderlok (Paradise) and inside a match of rage Indra killed the very good sage. When Prajapati Tvashta arrived to understand with the incident, he grew to become furious and carried out a Yagya using the objective of avenging the demise of his expensive son. In the holy fireplace was born an additional son of Tvashta, whom he named as Vritrasura and whose sole aim in existence was to avenge his brother's loss of life by destroying Indra.

Vritrasura then meditated and undertook a penance as the outcome of which he was granted a supreme boon. As for each this boon no weapon recognized until then, could kill him, and he would not even die of something which was either damp or dry or any weapon created of wood or metal. The boon also ensured that his power would go on increasing during the battle. On getting granted this boon, Vritra waged a battle against Indra and his forces and managed to provide a crushing defeat to him as a result of which Indra needed to flee from the battle scene leaving driving his elephant Airawat. Vritrasura then took over Inderlok, forcing Indra to flee to Lord Shankar for support. Shankar together with Brahma went to lord Vishnu to look for his support. Vishnu suggested them they ought to first win the self-assurance of Vritrasura, befriend him and then kill him when he may not be on his guards. Vishnu also recommended them they need to pray to the Goddess so that by means of her 'Yogmaya' she may render Vritrasura incapable of intelligent believed. Indra did as recommended and was as a result blessed by the Goddess.

Following this Indra managed to befriend Vritrasura and once when Vritrasura was asleep on sea shore, Indra collected sea-foam because it was neither wet nor dry, neither wood nor any metal and it surely could not be categorized as being a weapon. Using the intention of utilizing the sea foam being a weapon to destroy Vritrasura, Indra summoned the Goddess to enter the foam. Once the Goddess entered the foam, Indra wrapped it about his Vajra (a deadly intense and favorite weapon of lord Indra, created out of the bones donated by Dadhichi ' Rishi') and using this type of Vajra he killed Vritrasura there and then. The Devtas, rid of the menace of Vritrasura, praised the Goddess for maintaining her promise of assisting them within their hour of want.


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